OPI Peru-B-Ruby

Hi! Today’s nail of the day is featuring OPI Peru-B-Ruby. I had never seen this polish before but recently while browsing through Copious I saw it and had to take advantage of $10 credit I had. So I purchased it for $.50!!

Peru-B-Ruby is just what the name itself says. To me it’s a ruby pink polish with shimmer. Love shimmer…..even more than glitter!


In some lights it looks pink toned and in others it looks as if it were red. To me it’s pretty unique in my collection.


Overall, I am pleased with this color!

Do you own a ruby colored polish? Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, questions? Leave them in a comment:)

Thanks for your time and for reading. Until next time

xoxo, Elizabeth.


4 thoughts on “OPI Peru-B-Ruby

  1. What a pretty red. I want to get that & then a matching lipstick. I like that trend of matching the two.

  2. Oh and kudos being able to buy it for .50! Steal!

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