Nails Inc. Sprinkles

Today I have review and swatches for the Nails Inc. Special Effects Sprinkles collection! Let me just say, the bottles make me want to eat a cupcake every time I look at them! With that said, on to the swatches!

First off is Topping Lane. Topping Lane has a pink base with blue-ish purple (blurple), deep pink, and silver glitter.


Sugar House Lane has a light grey brown base with black and silver glitter. This was actually my second favorite from this collection!


Pudding Lane has a blue base with purple and gold (yellow) glitter.


The last in this collection is Sweets Way. This polish has a milky white base with blue, pink and silver glitter. This was my favorite.


I loved this collection! At first I thought they were jelly polishes. After swatching them I realized that they aren’t, which I liked because with just 2 coats for every polish they were opaque! By the way, the glitter in these polishes are hexagonal. I thought they were round.

This collection can be purchased at or in stores. These were purchased by me.

Hope you liked! Thanks for reading and visiting.

What did you think about the collection? Any favorites? Let me know anything in the comments:)

xoxo, Elizabeth.


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