Rimmel London Burgundy Flirt & Xoxo Nails Love Potion

While I was browsing through my photos, I realized that I barely had a red manicure. And not to sound lazy, but I hate cleaning red polish off my cuticles! It takes more time than I regularly take to do clean-up. But I felt the need to rock red nails, so I accepted the challenge!

At first I was just in the need to wear red nail polish. I decided to use Rimmel London Burgundy Flirt. To me this is one of the best red’s for the Fall season.


Excuse the minimal clean-up I did in the photo above! As you can see it’s a beautiful red crème color. With just 2 coats it’s opaque. Also, I’d like to state that I love the brush in this polish line. They have a wide brush. Just perfect!


It looked to simple so I added glitter! I just noticed that I’m starting to love adding glitter to everything! Ok, back to the polish. I added Xoxo Nails Love Potion.


Love Potion has a clear base with red and black glitter. I love the black glitter! In the photo you also see white glitter, which is Xoxo Nails Angel Spell. At first I was going to just use Angel Spell but I went with more glitter!

Hope you liked! Do you have a favorite red polish, or glitter? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, take care!

xoxo, Elizabeth.


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