OPI Nail Polish on Sale!

[For discounted OPI, scroll to the bottom]

Hello everyone! I apologize for not being able to post in the last couple of days. Have you ever felt like not doing what you do everyday? Confused? Lol. It’s alright. Well, the point is I felt bored and well decided to give my nails a break. I actually thought that I would have a humongous post for you today! And it was going to feature holographic goodness! But guess what I did!? I deleted my photo’s from my phone! Today as I was trying to take photos for instagram, a message popped saying my SD card was full so….I saved all my photos to my computer and deleted from my phone. But no worries! I am thinking maybe I will do a bigger post in the future featuring more than 3 holo polishes! For now I am taking a break:) but…I will be back to posting blog posts next week on Wednesday [October 31]! Hahah…okay so if you are here for the site to get the OPI on sale keep on reading…….

Click the link below:
OPI Minnie Mouse Collection is currently on sale for $5 each, Spiderman Collection $6.80 each and they have regular price polishes as well. I have seen these prices since last week. Check it out!

xoxo, Elizabeth.


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