Nail Sauce: Glitter Blizzard

Hello everyone! Today’s post is featuring a new indie brand, to me at least. This is one of the first polishes I purchase from this brand, but I’ve known about it for a while. The brand I am talking about is Nail Sauce. I first found out about this amazing brand on Instagram. Then I saw swatches and fell in love!

The name of the polish is Glitter Blizzard. It is a gorgeous jelly royal blue glitter. I say jelly, because it is not like a chunky glitter. Once I applied a topcoat, it was perfect.


The photo above is three coats by itself. It is gorgeous! It also has holo dust in it, which is what makes it so much more amazing! The photo below shows a little more of the holo dust.


I just love this polish! Now, I sound like a broken record, lol. But It’s true!


I loved it so much that I decided to test it out over a polish on my right hand. The photo above is one coat of Glitter Blizzard over one coat of Revlon Royal. Still beautiful.

Where to buy this polish:

Hope you enjoyed reading and viewing this post! Thanks for your time.

Xoxo, Elizabeth.


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