The Hungry Asian: Strawberry

Hi everyone! I am finally back from a long vacation [not really a vacation, lol]. I have been active on Instagram though. Make sure you follow me @thelacquerlover. Hopefully this time I will be more active with posting on my blog. I’m also excited that I now have my own domain! Short intro, now onto today’s post.

Today’s post is featuring a polish from one of my top three indie polish brands, The Hungry Asian Strawberry!

The Hungry Asian Strawberry
Strawberry is a red creme, sort of jelly formula, with black specks throughout the polish that actually makes it look like a delicious Strawberry. The application was great. The swatch above and the following are just 2 coats.

The Hungry Asian Strawberry

The Hungry Asian Strawberry

The Hungry Asian Strawberry

You can purchase The Hungry Asian pretty polishes at her etsy shop:

**This polish was purchased by me.**

Hope you all liked this post. Thanks for stopping by!
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xoxo, Elizabeth ❤


3 thoughts on “The Hungry Asian: Strawberry

  1. good lord, this is gorgeous! i’m instantly in love and will have to be careful browsing her shop lol.

  2. yay!! you’re back!

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