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Hi everyone! Yes, I have yet again decided to stay here on thelacquerlover.com, purplelacquerlover was fun, but I feel like I should stay with what I started with. Hope you understand. I am back, but not completely. A week ago, during the weekend, two of my nails on my left hand decided to break, so I decided to cut them all short. I was also having a bit of breathing problems and to prevent it from getting worse, I want to stay away from the polish fumes for a bit. Now I am waiting for my nails to grow and start swatching again! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have an amazing week!!



The Hungry Asian: Strawberry

Hi everyone! I am finally back from a long vacation [not really a vacation, lol]. I have been active on Instagram though. Make sure you follow me @thelacquerlover. Hopefully this time I will be more active with posting on my blog. I’m also excited that I now have my own domain! Short intro, now onto today’s post.

Today’s post is featuring a polish from one of my top three indie polish brands, The Hungry Asian Strawberry!

The Hungry Asian Strawberry
Strawberry is a red creme, sort of jelly formula, with black specks throughout the polish that actually makes it look like a delicious Strawberry. The application was great. The swatch above and the following are just 2 coats.

The Hungry Asian Strawberry

The Hungry Asian Strawberry

The Hungry Asian Strawberry

You can purchase The Hungry Asian pretty polishes at her etsy shop: thehungryasian.etsy.com

**This polish was purchased by me.**

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Zoya: Ornate 2012 Winter Collection

Hi! Happy Sunday to everyone! Today I will be reviewing Zoya’s 2012 Winter Collection, Ornate Collection. This is the best collection I own from them! Actually I like all the polishes from Zoya, but this is in my top favorites! The collection consists of 6 polishes: 3 holo dust, 2 shimmer, and 1 bar glitter. Each color is stunning!! Let’s get to the swatches now!
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Xoxo Nails: Shades of Grey

Sorry for being MIA. I have been extremely busy, BUT I do use Instagram (24/7)  in a daily basis. So make sure to follow me there, my username is @thelacquerlover. Ok, now on to todays post. It is featuring Xoxo Nails, “Shades of Grey” Collection. So let’s begin!

First up, is Mr. Wrong. This polish has a grey base color with silver glitters.


Mr. Right consists of the same grey base, but with Gold different sized glitters! Love it!
imageThe last from this collection is Girl Next Door, which happens to be my favorite from this collection! It consists of the same grey base, but it also has pink matte glitter and it contains hearts as well! I was sold once I saw the beautiful hearts!



Overall this is a great collection! The formula in these polishes was great. One thing I have to mention, the base was very sheer, therefore for all the swatches I used Zoya Dove as a base. Dove was the perfect grey base for these beautiful polishes! My favorite as mentioned is Girl Next Door. Make sure you visit Elektra’s etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/XOXONAILS to purchase these beautiful polishes and many other beauties she’s created!


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